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Inspired by the growth of the animal rights movement and a love of incredible, healthy food, LoveSeitan was born out of passion. The health and wellbeing of our beautiful planet is suffering as is that of it's people. So many have lost the art of cooking and live on a diet of fast food, generally based on animal protein. Unless people begin to move to a more plant based diet, this suffering will only continue.

It's All About the Food!

For too long now vegans and vegetarians have been a tiny minority and the butt of many jokes. Out of necessity the world is beginning to change, but to really make a difference, to have any chance of the majority of people switching, they have to be happy with what they eat.

And that's where our seitan comes in. We've been making it for many years now and have perfected the recipes over that time. It's the ideal replacement for meat, it has all of the texture and the taste, is high in protein and fibre, yet it has none of the chlestorel and fat that is effecting our health, none of the climate damaging properties and is cruelty free. We're a nation of animal lovers. No one wants to see these beautiful creatures caged in horrific factory farms, especially as there is an alternative way to live healthy lives.

We celebrate this wonderful, natural product and want to share it with as many people as we can. Join us on this incredible journey!

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